DESA GOOD (Get Out Of a Disaster) Drives - they are now available for PC and Mac!

DESA GOOD (Get Out Of Disaster) Drive RED

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DESA Enterprises developed and sells the DESA GOOD Drive.  It's a portable hard drive with Windows 10 Enterprise (Evaluation) 32 bit installed on it that you can boot an infected, malware infested, or just downright problematic computer from and Get Out Of Disaster (GOOD) and back into a working operating system.  Because the DESA GOOD Drive is running a separate copy of Windows 10, whether your computer is running Windows 10 or another version of Windows, this "fresh" copy is the version in memory and your current hard drive is not shown (avoiding any harm from viruses, malware, ransomware, etc.).  The DESA GOOD Drive comes with instructions to attempt recovery from various disasters.